Our Smoking Profiles

We thought as a kind of introduction to this blog you might like to know a little bit about us and our history and habits as smokers. We are going to keep these bios short as they touch on subjects we will probably come back to at a later date.


My name is Sophie. I am 39 years old and have been smoking since I was 15. I gave up for two years while I was pregnant and breast feeding but was quite relieved to start again after that. My daughter who is now sixteen smokes quite heavily herself now and also writes for this blog. I’m Swiss and I live in Zurich together with my daughter and my partner Cassie.

I am a school teacher. I work with young people who have special needs and social problems. Sometimes the work is hard emotionally but still, I love my job.

My regular brands of cigarettes are Parisienne, Black Devil or Gauloises Blue, but in the evenings or if if I go out to dinner or a party I often smoke Davidoff Classics. I also smoke cigars from time to time usually from the Davidoff 1000s range.

I guess I smoke just under a pack a day on average, but it can be more. My first cigarette of the day is with my breakfast coffee. Quite often that is all I have for breakfast. I can’t imagine drinking coffee or wine without smoking a cigarette at the same time. As long as I am reasonably healthy I will continue smoking because I like it a lot. I sometimes feel the health warnings about smoking are a bit exaggerated or to be more exact they don’t take into account that pretty much all things people do for enjoyment can be harmful as well. The thing that kills most of us in the end is oxygen (if you don’t believe me, look up some scientific papers) so everything in life can be dangerous. I don’t think smoking is so much worse than other things.


I’m Cassie. I’m 37 years old and I live in Zurich with Sophie. I travel a lot in my job teaching and promoting special English courses in European schools for a British company. I enjoy the travelling but find it tiring sometimes. I am interested in music and art and in my free time I hang out with a lot of bands and musicians.

I officially started smoking on my sixteenth birthday although I’d had a few cigarettes before that. On average I smoke about 15 cigarettes per day but it can be almost double that if I go out for the evening. I mostly smoke Marlboro or Camel lights but I smoke Black Devils as well and anything that Sophie leaves lying around the house! At weekends and special occasions I also smoke cigars. I am not a cigar officianardo although I once had a boyfriend who was and who tried to educate me… I prefer Panatellas , Henri Wintermann or Castellas.

I suppose nicotine is part of my body chemistry by now but it doesn’t bother me. I am pretty strong willed and I think I could give up smoking if I ever really wanted to, but I never have wanted to. Some of my happiest times have been in smokey bars and cafés with musicians or artistic friends who all smoke and it is part of the culture I feel comfortable in.

I try to be a considerate smoker. I don’t smoke around children and I try to avoid smoking in any confined space where there are non smokers. However I find there are less and less places where I can smoke openly and socially and I do object to being treated like a second class citizen because I’m a smoker.



I’m Tina. At the time of writing this in July 2016 I am sixteen years old. I love smoking very much. I always wanted to smoke and have been smoking more and more regularly since I was about 14. My ex boyfriend said I was a hungry smoker, and I guess that is true. I also vape and smoke shisha, but it is cigarettes that I am really addicted to. Parisienne is my regular brand but I also smoke anything that my family or friends leave around. On average I smoke anything between 10 to 20 cigarettes per day.

I am not apologising to anybody for smoking. I like it and it is completely legal where I live.  I’m not a stupid bimbo, I’m quite intelligent, a good student and I aim to get a first class hounors when I take my degree. I am not a role model and I am not responsible for whether anybody else starts smoking or not. But I do think there are too many controls on how people choose to live their lives and I think smoking gets too much blame and attention when there are so many more serious problems and health risks in the world.


One comment

  1. livelifecreatedreams · May 2, 2014

    Thanks for the bios! I’m not really into cigars, but I do like the occasional Middlton’s Wine flavored Black & Mild cigars. I prefer the wood tips when I can find them–and I am bad because I inhale them. I used to smoke Cloves, but they have become difficult to find in the states and I haven’t seen them at all here in Germany. For now I’m smoking Marlboro.

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