Parisienne, by Sophie

I am a patriotic Swiss girl so of course I smoke Parisienne!

Well actually I am not always that patriotic but I do like Parisienne and they were originally a very Swiss brand although I think they are now produced in Germany. They are the brand I have smoked most often and I still buy them quite regularly. Some people don’t know that Switzerland has quite a long and distinguished tradition in tobacco. With cigars especially Switzerland has some famous and well regarded brands. With cigarettes Parisienne are probably the best known Swiss brand; I know you can also get them in France, Austria and Germany but I haven’t seen them anywhere else.

I think they were the first brand I smoked regularly. When I was younger most people smoked either Marlboro or Parisienne. Those of us who smoked Parisienne thought of ourselves as a bit more alternative, less American and yes, perhaps a bit patriotic. The taste is quite similar to Marlboro but with a bit more flavour of Turkish style tobacco. I think the yellow, mild version are a bit weaker than Marlboro Lights but I prefer the Parisienne filters because in my opinion they let you suck the smoke in more easily. Sometimes I smoke the stronger red or black packet versions but they can be a bit harsh on the throat. Sometimes I like that though.

There have been some good advertisements for Parisienne which used to be shown in cinemas here. This one was directed by David Lynch and is, well,,, very David Lynch!


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