Ephemeral Smoking


The above image is something I made while playing around with photoshop. I like it. I think as an image it says something which words alone can’t say. It alludes to something ephemeral and mysterious; spiritual even. There may even be something slightly erotic or sexy about it, which in the politically correct era we live in also makes it taboo or forbidden. And perhaps it says much more besides…

I smoke because I like the taste of tobacco and I enjoy the kick of nicotine, but there is also something more… I like the sensation of breathing in and exhaling  smoke… I like the “something else” which this picture conveys.

But what is it exactly…?

Polite comments and discussion welcome.



  1. livelifecreatedreams · June 4, 2014

    Not sure what it is exactly, but it does make me want to go outside for a smoke! It’s seductive.

  2. ajlea2k · June 6, 2014

    There is definitely an erotic element to smoking and your image captures it nicely. Well done 🙂

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