Black Devil Cigarettes



Black Devil cigarettes have become one of my favourite brands over the past few years. They are advertised as special flavour and come in different varieties but I have only smoked the black ones which have just a hint of chocolate in their taste. They are quite smooth and mellow and slightly stronger than they seem at first. Because they are so smooth they can feel like you are smoking flavoured air but they have have enough of a kick to satisfy people like myself who actually like the sensation of smoking something that is not just air.

They go particularly well with coffee, coffee flavoured licqures and strong alcoholic spirits such as vodka or gin.


I introduced Cassie to them and she likes them too. What we have both found is that non smokers seem to be less offended by the smell of Black Devils when we are smoking them, in fact they quite like them.


As the name implies they are black, and with a gold ring on the filter they look rather elegant. There is another variety which are pink which seems just a bit too much like a novelty to us.


But this raises some questions which Cassie and I have decided to think and write more about in the future. How much does the look and style of cigarette brands influence our choices as smokers? If various governments succeeded in getting rid of branding and selling cigarettes in plain packets would we change our smoking habits? Also, what do we feel about different flavoured cigarettes and tobacco?


While we are thinking about this you are welcome to leave some opinions and comments.









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