Does Size Matter? Style ‘V’ Substance


“I like mine long and dark, harsh but smooth between my lips”

“I prefer something that tastes good in my mouth.”

“Smaller ones are better, it’s what’s inside that counts.”

“It’s all about the feeling at the back of my throat when I suck it deep inside me”.


We are talking about cigarettes and cigars of course, what were you thinking?

Each brand of cigarettes and even more so with cigars have their own unique taste and flavour. So you smoke the ones which taste the best to you, don’t you? Or are there other factors? Does the look; the size the width and the design of the cigar or cigarette affect what you choose to smoke? Is style a factor and if so does it count as much as substance; the tobacco itself?

Sophie and I will admit to being rather vain about our appearance and sometimes judgemental about the way others look and present themselves. As we are regular smokers, by some people’s standards rather heavy smokers, we’d have to admit that the way we and others look while smoking can sometimes be a factor in our thoughts.

Longer ¬†and slimmer cigarettes can look quite elegant. Why that should be it is hard to say, it just is so. But in my opinion taking that little artistic fact to extremes is silly and ridiculous. ¬†There was a time when super long cigarettes (140mm+) were quite popular. There are still some people in the smoking fetish community who enjoy watching women smoke them. Okay, I’m not going to criticise anybody’s fetishes (I’m sure we all have some odd things that turn us on) but for me that really is a case of all fetish and no substance. And I doubt that such long cigarettes provide a very tasty or satisfying smoke.

I have occasionally smoked 120mm slim cigarettes. The only ones I quite like are “More” regular and menthol because they have quite strong flavour.

In Europe “Eve” and “Vogue” are popular brands of long, slim cigarettes. I hate them! I think they are designed for people who think it looks cool to pose with a cigarette, but who don’t really like smoking at all. Fake style and no substance; the cigarettes and the people who smoke them!

I do quite often smoke longer (100mm) versions of my regular brands. They are the same width as the regular version of the brand and while I do think the longer length does give them a look that is artistically pleasing, I mainly like them because they last a bit longer and taste just that bit smoother and stronger than the normal king size version. I smoke them mostly in the evenings relaxing after a meal or having a drink with friends. They are a slightly more luxurious, night time version of the cigarettes I like to smoke on the go during the day.

During the day time my smoking is much more habitual and often has it fit into breaks from work. I am less fussy about looks and style at this time and just want a cigarette that tastes good and gives me a little nicotine kick. Longer cigarettes would look pretentious and would take too long to smoke in the time I have. So during this part of the day the taste and strength of my normal brand always trumps size.

I smoke cigars less often than Sophie. I know what I like and when spending money on this rather expensive little luxury taste trumps style every time. I am not all that adventurous and tend to keep to my regular Davidoff brand which are Panatellas. I do like the feel, the size and length of these cigars in my fingers; anything else wouldn’t feel quite right.

So, overall for me it is the quality of tobacco and the actual taste of cigars and cigarettes that is most important although I do admit that longer cigars and cigarettes can look elegant and sophisticated. And that is a look I like.


This was mainly Cassie’s post and my views on this subject are quite similar. However, I grew up on a diet of fashion magazines which often featured women smoking longer luxury style cigarettes and I always found that quite attractive and stylish and I guess I copied what I saw so I am less judgemental of people smoking those type of cigarettes than Cassie is.

Also, something we haven’t spoken much of here but which we may come back to is the whole question of smoking and glamour. Even a few years ago here in Switzerland nobody would think it strange to say out loud that smoking was glamourous; even while admitting it was unhealthy. These days it has become unfashionable to say things like that. The truth is though that smoking can be and often was sexy and glamourous in spite of all the dangers that are connected with it. When it comes to women some of the most stylish images of women smoking feature very long cigarettes or women using a cigarette holder. So I do think there can be a connection between length and elegance. On the other hand it has a lot to do with the beauty and the style of the women themselves. Our two favourite Audreys, Hepburn and Tautou demonstrate this quite well…