Experiment and suggestions


It is a while since we have posted directly on this blog and Cassie and I are undecided about whether to carry on with it or what we should post here. It still gets a small but regular amount of traffic but it has probably always been the most neglected of our blogs.

We are still enthusiastic and regular smokers and neither of us are afraid of admitting to politically incorrect and sometimes controversial views on the subject. But is it worth maintaining a whole blog on the subject? I am trying to convince Cassie that it is. She has taken a short time out from blogging for personal reasons that those who follow our other blogs may be aware of, but will be back in the blogosphere very soon. We have come to a decision to be more up front and honest about aspects of our lives than ever before this year and perhaps that should include our passion for smoking? I also think that there are very few places where you can speak openly about all things related to smoking these days and so there is a place for this blog.

So I want to see how many people view this post and I would be very interested to see comments and suggestions about what people would like to see here if we continue with it.