Smoking Is Good For You


Yes, yes… Smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products significantly increases your risks of contracting and dying from a host of unpleasant diseases. Yawn. Unless you have been living on another planet for the last century there really should be no need to state that. But this is a pro smoking blog (if that idea disturbs you, go away and find something else to read) and from our point of view smoking can also be good for you. In these days of health fascism and political correctness you are not supposed to say things like that. But we ARE saying it.

Smoking is good for you because it can add to your pleasure and happiness and thus increase your quality of life. This in turn, according to most physical and psychological medical practitioners, can boost health and increase longevity. I will detail some of the ways smoking does this below. But first a note about happiness and quality of life. It is still seen as somehow sinful in some quarters to see pleasure and enjoyment as positive things. We don’t take that view. In our opinion pleasure, fun and happiness are self rewarding and healthy. I am sure many people reading this will sometimes have experienced an increase in their own happiness just by being around happy people. I doubt it can be scientifically proved but I firmly believe happy people look younger for longer and have greater immunity against disease than depressed or unhappy people; whether or not they smoke. Thus we are sure that, on average, happy smokers live longer than unhappy non smokers.

So here are some things about smoking which by adding to the quality of your life are actually good for you. They are in no particular order.

Tobacco tastes nice. Well nice is the wrong word and the taste of tobacco takes some getting used to. But ultimately the taste of tobacco is pleasurable. It is much like wine, beer, alcoholic drinks, olives, strong cheese and caviar; it is a sophisticated, acquired taste which comes in many varieties. Most people don’t like these tastes at first but come to appreciate them in all their sophistication as their pallets mature. Learning to appreciate different types of tobacco through different brands of cigars and cigarettes can be as satisfying and pleasurable as sampling fine wines and cheeses.

Tobacco reduces stress:a contributory cause of many diseases. It is better and more pleasurable to smoke a few cigarettes in a time of stress than to take strong, prescribed medication which is often far more addictive than nicotine and may have other negative effects.

Nicotine is addictive but does little harm in itself in the amounts normally smoked. This makes it difficult (though not impossible) for some people to give up smoking if and when they want to. However the pleasure experienced by satisfying the need or craving for a cigarette is lovely; a pleasure that non smokers will never understand.

Smoking is still sociable. It is a pleasure shared with like minded people. It is a common uniting factor among those of us who smoke. In fact in times when smokers are increasingly forced to the fringes the uniting factor maybe stronger than ever. We smoke with our friends, our families, our lovers. And often a pleasure shared is a pleasure multiplied.

Smoking can add to the pleasure of drinking tea, coffee and alcoholic drinks. A digestive cigarette after a meal clears the pallet and is very enjoyable.

Smoking can aid weight loss and help to control your weight. Cigarettes can replace snacks of starch and sugar. This is at a time when obesity related diabetes is reaching epidemic proportions. It is pretty much an open secret that women have been using this method to keep their weight down and figure in shape for many years.

Many of us find that smoking aids concentration. At work, while studying for exams or writing for a deadline smoking cigarettes can be calming and allow us to focus. We would certainly rather smoke than use some of the other chemicals (legal and illegal) that people frequently use to aid work and study.

Smoking can be sexy… Oh come on, of course it can! Some people do look sexy when they are smoking. There are ways of holding a cigarette or cigar that have a sexual appeal. There are ways to inhale and exhale that have a similar effect. Moreover the fact that somebody smokes says something about them and their attitude to life which some will find sexy. Of course smoking can look very unsexy too. Eating and wearing clothes can add to sex appeal but sloppy eating and bad fashion sense can be very unappealing. This is all obvious. Smoking is the same; it has just become politically incorrect to even hint that smoking can be sexy. Well it can and we all know it.

As an appendage to the last point about sexiness, smoking is often associated with self confidence which most people find attractive. If you don’t believe us, read some psychology and dream interpretation books. And self confidence and self esteem are in themselves healthy.

Smoking is an adult activity which certainly does involve risks. By smoking you are asserting your independence and your right to make adult decisions and take responsibility for them. You are saying something and there is indeed a darker side to what you are saying. In general smoking is accepting death but choosing to live until it happens rather than trying to avoid all risks in the hope of living a longer, blander life.

If you think that last sentence is kind of cool, then for you smoking IS cool. By smoking you are in some way associating yourself with the writers, artists, musicians, politicians and intellectuals who smoked their way through the last century and continue to do so in this one despite the warnings.

As an adult pleasure smoking marks a right of passage for many teenagers as they begin to make their own choices about who they want to be and how they want to live. And it is a safer right of passage than many other things.

Smoking for pleasure is legal and open.

While there are certainly chemicals in tobacco smoke that may do you harm there may be chemicals that actually do you good. You will never hear that publicised!

Of course smoking too much over a long period will almost certainly do you more harm than good; just as anything taken to excess tends to be dangerous. But in our opinion the flip side is that,if you enjoy it, smoking in moderation may well do you more good than harm.



  1. Cassie & Sophie · August 31, 2015

    Reblogged this on Cassie & Sophie NSFW and commented:

    From our other very occasional blog because WordPress didn’t seem to publish it properly.

  2. Mr. Merveilleux · September 1, 2015

    There’s something terribly puritan and misguided about people wanting longevity over all else. The length of my life is the least of my worries. What happens while I’m here and how enjoyable that is, that’s what really counts to me.

  3. Ronnie · September 21, 2015

    Like you, I enjoy smoking quite a bit. It is a paradox in that I tend to suffer some throat irritation and coughing from smoking, something I discover after I have abstained for a couple of days due to the above issues (a cold, or excess coughing attacks). At times, I wish there were a good substitute. Vaping is an alternative I’ve tried but tended to also experience the same symptoms though the smell is certainly much less. I’ve used nic gum and lozenges with limited success, they are what I’d call an adequate means to “make it through” a period when it’s not practical to smoke.

    One wishes there wasn’t such a negative social stigma against cigarette use. Smoking cigarettes brings a beautiful and eloquent feeling, one which brings tranquility and peacefulness. I have found that “additive free” cigarettes are slightly better though they don’t produce the same kind of “arousal” feeling I have experienced with typical U.S. cigarettes. It’s been four decades since I smoked my first cigarette, though it’s been an on-and-off pattern marked by months or even years of total abstention. When we manage to stop smoking, we really become a “dormant smoker” and not a genuine nonsmoker. Like you’ve mentioned, there is something really alluring to the whole process of smoking, which is why I’m frustrated at my own situation of throat and sinus irritation and coughing which seems to have become more problematic since I restarted smoking a year ago. Ultimately, I keep coming back because it really feels good and there’s nothing else like it.

  4. Jacob · October 21, 2015

    If you want to smoke, that’s your right, but trying to argue it’s overall good for you is ridiculous. The pleasure it gives people is mostly from temporarily quelling the addiction it gives you. It is physically impairing, expensive, increases your risk for various dangerous diseases and shortens most people’s lifespans. I think when you get closer to the end, you will want more time.

    • Cassie & Sophie · October 21, 2015

      You have a right to your opinion although I doubt that you really read or thought about the whole article.

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