Smoking Pictures We Like

We haven’t posted for a while so I thought I’d post this little collection of photos of people smoking that we all like. The one at the top is Audrey Tautou, and if we had to vote on it this would probably be our Number One because we all love her.

The others are all ones we have found on the net or had taken of each other at various times. They are all of women, I don’t really know why… Well, we are all bisexual, Cassie and Sophie are a couple and while I have a boyfriend at the moment, I like girls as well. But I don’t think that is the reason. It is more to do with the look of things. I like men who smoke but their smoking doesn’t really add anything to their looks whereas I think with women it sometimes does. I have a bit of a fetish for men who smoke cigars but I haven’t got any photos of somebody I fancy smoking a cigar… So the pictures below are all of women who we think look nice anyway and their smoking adds something extra…

Mostly we don’t like photos that look too posed (even if they are in reality). So there will be none of the kind of thing you can find in smoking fetish sites of the more or less porn type… We are not against porn, and obviously we are not against the smoking fetish as such. But one thing we are agreed on is that the sexiest smokers are those for whom it is just a natural part of their lives and not something they do just to try and look sexy.



And here are some from the net. Sorry I don’t know who they all are. Probably models. I can give credits if they let me know. I might mix in a few more family ones as well. See if you can recognize us from different times…








  1. girlsthatsmokearesexy · September 14

    Wow I love all these pictures! But especially the one with the lady on the bed <3. I have an instagram ( where I post pictures of pretty ladies enjoying their smoking habit. Can I repost some of those pictures? πŸ™‚

    Actually we did talk about a year ago you wrote a post for me describing your smoking habits from all my questions. I was so shy I didnt even say thanks. But better late than never but thanks haha.

    I love this blog, i check it very often, I was sad there was such a long time between posts 😦 thanks for posting something new!

    Tina said at some point she was maybe considering making a bit of money from the smoking fetish community. Is she still thinking about that? If so, I want to contribute financially πŸ˜‰

    You gals have a great day!

    • Cassie Sophie Tina · September 17

      Tina here. I am a bit red faced and embarrassed because my post was a bit naive. So now I have to be a big girl and confess and maybe clarify a few things for you and others. As you recall, I was thinking about earning money by posing for some photos on smoking fetish sites. Actually I went ahead and did that some time ago. Photos of me appear in several places under different names. Sophie and Cassie have occasionally done the same. The thing is that “we” don’t own the rights to those photos. I did know this, but since comparatively few people read this blog I thought I could post some things without anyone noticing. But the smoking fetish world is also relatively small and already one person has contacted us having recognised one of my photos from another site. Therefore I have to remove a few of the photos I originally put here or I will lose the possibility to earn money in that way. Sophie and Cassie started this site for more general discussion of things related to smoking. I got a bit carried away on the fetsih side because it is part of my life now and I earn money from it. I can still answer questions on that theme but can’t post any photos of myself or my family smoking unless they are private ones. And even then, I should probably get advice. Thanks for your interest anyway. Tina

  2. Cassie Sophie Tina · September 18

    To Frank. We can’t reply since you are not on WordPress. See other replies.

  3. girlsthatsmokearesgirlsthatsmokearesexy · September 30

    When you said you wanted to make money I though you meant something like videos or skype sessions, which I guess you are allowed to? I think you could make quite a bit of money this way

    Also what do you mean that the smoking fetish is part of your life now? I still have some questions actually about smoking if you have time ^_^

    Thanks and have a nice day!

    • Cassie Sophie Tina · October 1

      You can ask questions here and I will probably answer them. I would not do Skype sessions as that is a bit too close to home. I protect my privacy as much as possible. I’ve done some stills modelling and I might do video at some stage.

      • girlsthatsmokearesgirlsthatsmokearesexy · October 24

        Oh I understand, privacy is super important. Well if you post somewhere, i’d be interested πŸ™‚ and willing to pay πŸ˜‰

        First, how many cigarettes a day do you smoke these days?

        I have been trying to imagine how it would be like to be with a girl that smokes. Do you sometimes have to arrange your activities to allow time to smoke? For example, when shopping in a mall, do you think at some point: ok let’s stop shopping for 10 minutes to go smoke. Or its just: ohh I’m done shopping, so lets have a cigarette.

        I’m trying to see how much a girl’s smoking habit influences her day to day activities. Do you sometimes think: oh I don’t really want to do this activity because I cant smoke? For example, I went to see a 2.5 hours long movie yestersay with 30 min+ of preview. If I was with a lady that smoked, she would probably want to smoke during these 3 hours.

        I am a non-smoker but I would be delighted to always keep company to a lady whenever she wants to smoke and get her nicotine fix. Would that be strange to have a nonsmoker by your side whenever you smoke?

        I don’t know if what i’m trying to ask makes any sense to you πŸ˜›


      • Cassie Sophie Tina · October 27

        I’ll answer in our next post. Tina

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