Smoking And Vaping


Over the past few months we have experimented with vaping. We have not stopped smoking but we felt like experimenting. Our overall impression is that the two things have similarities but are not the same. There are things we like about vaping and things we don’t. However, while we have no intention to stop smoking, we quite enjoy vaping as well and we will continue to vape from time to time.

The thing we most dislike about vaping is the technology. Oh don’t misunderstand; the technology is clever and it works but we have found that regular vapers and Internet sites dedicated to vaping seem to spend more time and energy enthusing about the parts of technology and gadgets in E Cigarettes and Vapers than the actual sensation of vaping or the various substances and flavours you can vape. That is not to say such things are unimportant but we smoke and now vape to enjoy the sensation and taste these activities bring, not to obsess about the technological wonderment of it.

The second thing we dislike about vaping is the division that seems to be growing in some sectors between smokers and vapers. While they are not the same they are clearly related activities and we would guess that the majority of regular vapers were once regular smokers. Yet there often seems to be an animosity between those who smoke and those who vape; with each side trying to dismiss and disrespect the other. Perhaps we are wrong but we feel that in particular the vaping community seems to look down on smokers.

Be careful. It is true that there are bars and venues in some parts of the world where it is allowed to vape while smoking is increasingly outlawed and restricted; but vaping is already being forbidden and restricted in public places as well. In fact just as it is becoming popular the health fascists who want to forbid smoking are zeroing in on E-Cigarettes with just as much venom. So smokers and vapers need to be allies.

This blog will continue to be primarily about smoking but we welcome vapers too and will probably talk more about it in the future.